Amesville, OH

Amesville, OH

(Photo: Amesville Train Station, 1905)

Amesville joined the Cities of Service coalition in 2014, when Mayor Gary Goosman signed the declaration of service and committed to using service as a strategy for local improvement. With the mayor’s leadership, Amesville has addressed energy conservation, environmental quality and economic development. The City of Amesville has successfully partnered with the Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development and Hocking/Athens/Perry Community Action to engage 25 volunteers to help increase energy efficiency, water conservation, community development and educational opportunities.

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Amesville Energy Savers

The City of Amesville joined with American Electric Power and community volunteers to create Amesville Energy Savers, a program that provides resources and information about energy conservation for residents and local businesses. In addition, the City of Amesville has installed solar panels on their newly constructed history shelter/kiosk in Gifford Park. Energy Savers produced a Sustainability Plan for the community that looks closely at energy savings, water conservation, economic development, housing upgrades and transportation improvements in the community.

“Being situated in a poor region of Appalachian Ohio, Amesville relies on civic engagement to get projects off the ground and completed successfully.”
Mayor Gary Goosman

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