Austin, TX Service Plan

Service Plans

Austin, TX Service Plan

Austin’s Chief Service Officer conducted a community wide landscape analysis to identify both the specific challenges the City would address through service and the resources and opportunities available to support the effort. Based on this research, Austin developed a unique set of “Impact Service Initiatives” to address specific challenges in the City’s priority need areas and “Infrastructure Initiatives” to address cross-cutting service challenges. To assess the impact of each initiative and gauge progress, key metrics will be collected and tracked throughout implementation.

ServeAustin initiatives fall into five categories:

1. Addressing the need for increased volunteerism in the classroom to improve academic achievement in low income schools and at critical academic transition points.

2. Enhancing physical fitness awareness and programs in schools in support of community health education efforts and school district objectives of reducing obesity in children.

3. Easing the reintegration of women military veterans into civil society.

4. Improving low cardiac arrest survival rates by taking advantage of new CPR protocols.

5. Leveraging Austin’s position as a national leader in technology and innovation to make it an easy city for volunteers to find meaningful service opportunities.




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