Baltimore, MD Service Plan

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Baltimore, MD Service Plan

stepUP! Baltimore recognizes that every Baltimorean has the potential to give of themselves and it will provide them opportunities to realize that potential. It will connect disparate individuals, groups, and communities who otherwise would not have the opportunity to volunteer together to tackle the city’s challenges.

Three of the most pressing challenges in Baltimore are drug addiction, crime, and urban blight. To multiply and channel the energy of volunteers to impact these areas:

Recovery Corps will identify, train, and place 100 people who have sustained recovery from addiction into treatment centers as peer recovery advocates—the Recovery Corps—who will provide support to those in recovery. It will also build bridges between individuals in recovery and the larger Baltimore community through shared volunteer service activities.

Supper Club will bring adult Baltimoreans together with youth who are involved in the juvenile justice system to share meals and conversation around the same dinner table in a safe and supportive environment. These youth are making difficult yet hope-filled transitions in their lives, and those who continue Supper Club will step up to volunteer leadership roles.

Power in Dirt will revitalize vacant lots in some of the most blighted areas of the city and change city government to make it easier for residents in these neighborhoods and other volunteers to do this work. This initiative recognizes and builds from existing, successful efforts to revitalize vacant lots by expanding existing efforts and creating new opportunities for more people to get involved.

Baltimore CARES will develop two multidisciplinary service-learning curricula that will engage students in two pilot schools over the course of the school term, to learn about and make an impact on vacant lots and drug addiction. Once developed and implemented, the curricula will be made available to other schools, organizations, and programs seeking to increase student learning and civic engagement.


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