Boston, MA

Boston, MA

Boston, MA has been a member of the Cities of Service coalition since 2010. In 2014, Mayor Walsh signed the Declaration of Service, continuing Boston's commitment to leveraging resident volunteers as a key city resource. The City of Boston has identified neighborhood improvement through community engagement and volunteerism as a top priority for his administration. The Mayor’s commitment to increased civic engagement will include creating neighborhood improvement districts, a cultural planning process, Neighborhood Engagement Walks were recently instituted, as a plan to closely examine every street, and build relationships between the City and its residents face-to-face.

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Neighborhood Revitalization

Love Your Block

Through Love Your Block, the City of Boston will target neighborhoods with the highest number of problematic properties, canvass longtime residents representing multiple age and cultural demographics; deploy teams of citizen volunteers to clean abutting public spaces; and then partner with property owners to enable volunteers to complete additional improvements.

"Cities of Service will help Boston residents and local government work together to enhance public spaces​, improve ​the health​ and overall well-being​ of local communities, ​and boost ​levels of ​civic ​engagement."
Mayor Marty Walsh

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