Chula Vista, CA Service Plan

Service Plans

Chula Vista, CA Service Plan

Chula Vista Serves is a series of campaigns designed to promote strategic volunteerism with the goals of increasing civic engagement by residents and aligning volunteers with existing and new service opportunities to impact important community needs within Chula Vista. Through the creation of systems and partnerships that address a small number of identified issue areas, lessons will be learned regarding how to engage the community in new, effective, and efficient ways with the goal of: Leveraging the work of many existing groups and organizations, focusing efforts and raising awareness of an issue area, thereby creating a combined impact that is greater than the sum of individual efforts.


The Graduation Works! Campaign will focus on four Service Strategies to improve graduation outcomes in Chula Vista and address the priority need to foster a vital community that is educated and prepared.

The Community Health Connection Campaign will focus on a Service Strategy that will engage volunteers to help connect residents with available resources, as well as create innovative strategies to address the health and well being of our residents. Plans are underway to create a Community Volunteer Corps that will create and operate programmingfocused on encouraging and supporting residents to engage in healthy lifestyles/behaviors as well as develop projects that would support these same priorities.

Since vital communities are connected, effective volunteer engagement will be fostered through the Centennial Year of Service Campaign, in which residents will be challenged to serve through existing opportunities and new opportunities, such as “Love Your Block”, and organizations that lead volunteers will be supported to effectively engage volunteers.





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