Kirklees, UK


Kirklees, UK

Kirklees joined the Cities of Service coalition in 2014. The support of the city’s Chief Executive Jacqui Gedman and Ambassador Council Leader Cllr David Sheard, combined with the hard work of the Chief Service Officer Rachael Loftus, has ensured success for Kirklees.

Kirklees has developed multiple impact initiatives that tackle key challenges for the local area: initiatives that help young people (including Independent Visitors and Family Support Volunteers), initiatives that help adults and older people (including Physical Activity Volunteers and Care Home Befrienders), and initiatives that help the environment (including Oakwell Country Park Volunteers and Countryside Volunteers); as well as initiatives that help communities to thrive (including Reading Friends Volunteers, Museums & Galleries Volunteers and Library Volunteers) and help keep everyone healthy (including Auntie Pam’s and Walk Leaders).

“I’m in” also aims to unlock the power of the community’s everyday actions to make the city a better place to live. This initiative developed Happy Hour – as a way of ensuring that those citizens who can only spare a small amount of time still have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact.

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Out and About Initiative

The Out and About initiative tackles loneliness in the Kirklees’ older population. Volunteers work with older people to connect them with activities that keep them both physically and mentally stimulated, to expand their social circles, and to work out the transport logistics that enable them to get out and about.

1 in 5
Kirklees residents over 65 report feeling lonely some or most of the time.
"Cities of Service is a great way to engage citizens and make our local democracy more vibrant. I am committed to Kirklees being a part of the Cities of Service movement and lend it my wholehearted support…I’m in."
Jacqui Gedman, Chief Executive, Kirklees Council


Happy Hour

Happy Hour makes it easier for time-poor residents to still say “I’m in” by promoting meaningful activities that can be done in an hour or less. We know that more people volunteer their time and skills when they can do so flexibly, but it’s hard to make these hours count. But from making twiddle muffs for people with dementia, reading aloud for people with sight impairment, to sorting and stuffing for charity groups – Happy Hour helps to make every hour count. 

30 mil
Kirklees residents give 30 million hours each year to good causes.
people gave at least one hour in the last year.
“When we talk about Cities of Service in Kirklees, we mean the broadest definition of all of the acts of giving: moments or hours, pennies or pounds, a helping hand or an expert eye; in short, all the actions that help make Kirklees a better place to live.”
Rachael Loftus, Chief Service Officer

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