Los Angeles, CA Service Plan

Service Plans

Los Angeles, CA Service Plan

In developing this service blueprint, the Office of the Mayor invested countless hours in listening to and learning from the experiences of a wide range of stakeholders including City Council offices, City departments, service and nonprofit organizations, neighborhood councils, the Los Angeles Unified School District, the corporate sector and the entertainment industry. From this collective knowledge base a service framework was created to impact three core content areas: education, the environment and economic development.

We Serve LA will focus on the following strategies:

1. Promoting and increasing volunteerism and community
service throughout Los Angeles.

2. Engaging volunteers to address critical challenges
in the areas of education, economic development
and the environment.

3. Developing volunteer match and management
website infrastructure.

4. Leveraging additional national and state service
resources for youth, seniors and community

5. Establishing a City of Los Angeles Community
Service Advisory Cabinet.



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