Monmouthshire, UK

Monmouthshire, UK

Monmouthshire has been a member of the Cities of Service coalition since July 2015, when Councillor Peter Fox, Leader of Monmouthshire County Council, signed the Declaration of Service. Monmouthshire is committed to leveraging the Cities of Service model as a strategy and has made a critical investment in Programme Lead Owen Wilce. With Peter Fox's leadership and the support of the programme lead, Monmouthshire aims to make an impact on the county's key priorities, enabling and empowering volunteers across Monmouthshire. The programme is currently supported by The Wales Council for Voluntary Action. Other partners include the local volunteer bureau, Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations, and specific projects in the voluntary sector, such as Community Connections Befriending Scheme.  

More on A County that Serves can be found on Monmouthshire's website.

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Programme Lead, A County That Serves

Owen Wilce

Owen Wilce supports Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) to coordinate and develop volunteering within the Council and more widely. With a background in the youth service, Owen aims to develop more consistent good practice across Council departments and to pioneer new ways of involving volunteers within public services in Monmouthshire.


Cities of Service Programme

With the implementation of the Cities of Service programme and strategic service plan, Monmouthshire has streamlined the county's approach to volunteering. Working closely with volunteers and communities and investing strategically, Monmouthshire is on track to develop richer social capital and to equip communities to effectively contribute to county priorities. This resident engagement work aligns with the county's overarching priority of creating resilient sustainable communities. Alignment with countywide strategy gives Monmouthshire's impact volunteering work a solid base, credibility, and longevity.

The county is investing in training for both volunteers and staff, as well as a Volunteer Toolkit, currently in development, which sets out guidance for both volunteers and staff and provides a comphrensive framework for both parties. Impact volunteering projects that address specific priorities are currently in development as well. For example, social isolation for older people is a key priority for the county, and the Grass Routes transport service supported by volunteer drivers is contributing to a reduction of social isolation.

"In Monmouthshire we are committed to working with and supporting our citizens to create an impact on key priorities. Becoming part of the Cities of Service coalition has allowed us to learn from global best practice, shaping the future for volunteering in Monmouthshire. Our chief service officer has benefitted from mentoring by chief service officers in both the UK and US. The support and example resources offered have supported the planned growth of our programme."
Councillor Peter Fox

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