New York, NY

New York, NY

New York City is a founding member of the Cities of Service coalition. Following his election as the City’s 109th mayor, Mayor Bill de Blasio reaffirmed New York's pledge to use service as a strategy by signing the Cities of Service Declaration of Service. Since 2009, NYC Service has supported volunteer impact in strengthening communities with a multitude of initiatives including Love Your Block, K-12 Service Learning and Bystander CPR Training.

The 2014-2015 NYC Service Strategic Plan has set a goal of engaging 50% of all NYC residents as volunteers. NYC Service works with city agencies, more than 500 nonprofits, and thousands of volunteers to improve the city's neighborhoods, youth education, resident wellbeing, and provide opportunities for immigrants. Through its mission, strategic programs, impact volunteering initiatives, and Civic Corps, the city's signature AmeriCorps program, NYC Service seeks to inspire and empower all New Yorkers to volunteer for their city and each other.

Interested in volunteering in New York? Check out the NYC Service website.

To read the city's original service plan, visit NYC Service: A Blueprint to Increase Civic Engagement.

For more information, visit the city's website.

Get Involved

Chief Service Officer

Paula Gavin

In New York, Chief Service Officer Paula Gavin promotes, engages, and supports volunteer service in New York City and connects volunteers to the City's greatest needs. Through Gavin’s work, tens of thousands of students have been engaged in community service and service-learning projects. 

Neighborhood Revitalization

Love Your Block

Through its Love Your Block initiative, NYC Service partners with local nonprofit Citizens Committee for New York City to provide New York City residents with a unique opportunity to transform and beautify their neighborhoods while leveraging city services through the Department of Transportation, Department of Sanitation, and Department of Parks and Recreation. Love Your Block offers mini-grants to neighborhoods to complete local revitalization projects.

“We have a wealth of power in our people. The city needs to provide a hub for New Yorkers to find opportunities to serve their communities.”
Mayor Bill de Blasio

Education and Youth

K-12 Service Learning Initiative

Through its K-12 Service Learning initiative, NYC Service partners with the New York City Department of Education to support the requirement of every New York City public school principal to create a comprehensive plan to promote service in schools. The K-12 Service Learning initiative offers a range of resources to schools that empower students, recognize service, and assist schools in sustaining service-learning programs.

“Volunteerism…is people finding solutions that become lasting models and make a huge difference. [This is] passed on to the next generation of volunteers, and that’s particularly important and valuable.”
Mayor Bill de Blasio

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