Omaha, NE Service Plan

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Omaha, NE Service Plan

Omaha Serves offers a comprehensive community service plan to engage citizens in meeting community needs by capitalizing on our rich history of service and increasing our citizens’ ability to help one another. A wealth of initiatives, ranging from urban renewal to mentorship for youth, will encourage the growth of our existing volunteer force across a range of agencies, needs, and neighborhoods. Omaha Serves will call on all citizens, no matter their age, socioeconomic status,or physical abilities, to do their part in making Omaha a better place to live, work, and play.


Omaha Serves initiatives fall into four categories:

1. Addressing the lack of positive, diverse role models for youths

2. Providing job and life-skills training for youths

3. Combating the increase in crime and urban blighted areas

4. Recruiting skilled, long-term, diverse volunteers


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