Plano, TX

Plano, TX

Plano, TX has been a member of the Cities of Service coalition since 2010. In 2011, Mayor LaRosiliere signed the Declaration of Service, continuing Plano's commitment to leveraging resident volunteers as a key city resource. The City of Plano has managed a robust citizen volunteer program, Volunteers in Plano, for more than 30 years, encouraging citizen participation in response to community needs while enhancing City services. 

"For 30 years, the City of Plano has stretched our dollars and accomplished more with the support of volunteers. When our city was at its peak of growth, volunteers helped shape Plano into the City of Excellence it has become. Thank you, Volunteers in Plano, for your commitment to our community!" - City Manager Bruce Glasscock

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Neighborhood Revitalization

Love Where You Live

The City of Plano’s Love Where You Live program is a neighborhood revitalization initiative focused on selected older neighborhoods. The program’s approach is two-fold: physical transformation through volunteer assistance for housing repair and overall neighborhood cleanup, and social transformation through neighborhood outreach and empowerment. These older neighborhoods tend to not have HOAs or neighborhood associations – therefore, no formal means of communicating and interacting. The city spends at least one year in a neighborhood facilitating social interaction and engagement as well as creating awareness of programs and services offered by the city. At the same time, homes within the neighborhood are identified that may require assistance with exterior repairs and landscaping. Volunteers provide services free of cost to the homeowner. On Service Day, several hundred volunteers work alongside residents to beautify the neighborhood through home repairs and cleanups. The day ends in a Block Party for the whole neighborhood – a celebration of community!

The Love where You Live program is a partnership of community partners and city staff. Community partners include faith-based groups, schools, colleges, PTAs, non-profits, social service organizations as well as businesses. Within the city, over ten departments work together to bring this program to our residents. Additionally, the relationships formed during the program continue well after work is complete in a neighborhood. The program provides a vehicle for people to demonstrate compassion and kindness on a broad and collective basis. The effort builds bridges between demographic, socioeconomic, ideological, religious and geographic barriers, resulting in community transformation.

"The Love Where You Live program is a collaborative effort between many partners. It truly does not exist without the efforts of many different groups, both within the city, and outside of the city, working together to make this program a success."
Robin Popik, Volunteer Resources Supervisor for the City of Plano, TX

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