Providence, RI

Providence, RI

The City of Providence has been a member of the Cities of Service coalition since 2009. Mayor Elorza has committed to leveraging resident volunteers to achieve the city's goals, with a particular focus on neighborhood revitalization. Through partnerships with local stakeholders, Mayor Elorza's administration has developed a broad coalition of community-based nonprofits working together to support asset-building services. Mayor Elorza also passed the Providence Neighborhood Revitalization Act, a tax incentive program aimed at revitalizing neighborhoods, supporting women- and minority-owned businesses, and putting Providence residents to work.

To learn more about the great work taking place in Providence, visit and the SustainPVD Facebook page.

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Clean Conversations

Clean Conversations is an initiative led by Mayor Elorza and supported by community organizations to promote unity, collaboration and environmental responsibility. The initiative combines community clean-up activities with a dialogue with Mayor Elorza. Volunteers come together to pick up trash, pull weeds and work to beautify multiple blocks in their neighborhoods. One of the community organizers of the program, Allen J. Williams, explained: "When the neighborhood looks good, people feel good about the neighborhood."

volunteers engaged in a single clean-up day.
"As Mayor, I have made it a top priority of my administration to eliminate the blight of vacant, abandoned properties in Providence. Working together, we will transform Providence block by block by turning abandoned properties into new affordable homes, putting Minority and Women Owned businesses to work, and taking back our neighborhoods."
Mayor Jorge O. Elorza

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