Richmond, CA

Richmond, CA

Richmond, California has been a member of the Cities of Service coalition since 2012, when Mayor Gayle McLaughlin signed the declaration and committed to hiring a chief service officer. Today, through current Mayor Tom Butt’s leadership and the chief service officer’s hard work, Richmond is leveraging volunteers to make an impact in education. Partnering with the Community Alliance for Learning, Richmond volunteers are helping high school students improve their writing skills and working with elementary school students to improve their literacy skills.

Richmond is also one of five cities taking part in the Bay Area Impact Volunteering program and one of seven cities in the Love Your Block AmeriCorps VISTA Program

Interested in volunteering in Richmond? Visit the Richmond Volunteers website. To learn more about the great work being done in Richmond, please read the city's service plan, Richmond ESC: Excellence Serving our Community and visit the city's website.

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Chief Service Officer

Rochelle Monk

In Richmond, Chief Service Officer Rochelle Monk harnesses the power of local volunteers to improve the lives of Richmond residents. Through Monk’s work, great strides have been made towards improving Richmond’s education system.

Preparedness and Safety

PWD AFN Outreach Program

Richmond will expand the capacity of Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) to visit and train People with Disabilities and others with Access and Functional Needs (PWD AFN), a group that has historically suffered disproportionately from disasters. Volunteers will work one-on-one with PWD AFN people to create emergency plans, build trust, and create formal support networks. This will greatly improve this population’s disaster resiliency.

Education and Youth

WriterCoach Connection

Through WriterCoach Connection, over 100 community volunteers have been trained as WriterCoaches, and they have worked one-on-one with 478 Richmond High School students. In its first end-of-year assessment, over 90% of the high school students reported that their writing coaches were helpful; and teachers report that they can now give more complex assignments to these students. The program has been so successful that neighboring communities are asking how they too can get involved.

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