San José, CA

San José, CA

The City of San José has been a member of the Cities of Service coalition since 2009, and since 2015, Mayor Liccardo has spearheaded the city's commitment to leveraging resident volunteers to address local education and youth issues. Through San Jose Learns, San Jose Works, and San Jose Cares, Mayor Liccardo and his administration are developing strategies to address educational achievement gaps, summer youth employment, and civic engagement. San Jose is one of five cities taking part in the Bay Area Impact Volunteering Program and one of seven cities taking part in the Prepared Together Program

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Preparedness and Safety

Team 222 for Guadalupe River

San José will enhance the Team 222 for Guadalupe River program that has established a resident-based network focused on restoring the Guadalupe River. The project will recruit volunteers and volunteer Team Leaders as creek stewards to restore the river by conducting coordinated and ongoing cleanups. The cleanups will greatly increase the city’s ability to respond to flooding events and foster greater ownership of the river by adjacent residents.

Preparedness and Safety

San José Green Streets

Downtown San Jose

Significant drought during the past five years killed many trees and shrubs in San José. Drought-stricken soil increases the likelihood of localized flooding in the event of rainfall, and with waterways already clogged with trash and debris, flooding can be catastrophic. In February 2017, San José experienced historic flooding, causing $50 million in private property damage and $23 million in public property damage. To increase green infrastructure in San José that can mitigate such impacts, volunteers will plant and care for trees and rain gardens, clean up waterways, and restore river banks.

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