San Leandro, CA

San Leandro, CA

San Leandro has been a member of the Cities of Service coalition since April 2016, when Mayor Pauline Cutter signed the Declaration of Service and committed to implementing impact volunteering initiatives. Under the mayor’s leadership and the project team’s hard work, San Leandro is leveraging volunteers to make a real impact in improving resilience. San Leandro is one of five cities to take part in the Bay Area Impact Volunteering program.

To learn more about the great work taking place in San Leandro, visit their website, like the city of San Leandro on Facebook, or follow the city on InstagramTwitter or YouTube.

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Preparedness and Safety

Prepare San Leandro

Prepare San Leandro is an “Adopt a Drain” program that will recruit volunteers to help keep storm drains clear of leaves and refuse. Volunteers will play a critical role in assisting the city in reducing the number of clogged storm inlets that often result in dangerous flooding to roadways, homes, and businesses. The city’s Public Works department will provide free trash bags to participants and will serve as a lead partner in this program.

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