Savannah, Ga Service Plan

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Savannah, Ga Service Plan

Volunteer Savannah, Savannah’s comprehensive Service Plan, will increase the visibility, breadth, effectiveness and efficiency of service efforts in Savannah, with special attention to four areas identified by Mayor Johnson as priority for the city. In year one of the grant, this high-impact Service Plan will focus on Education and Neighborhood Development; year two’s focus will be public health and cultural and arts education. Savannah's Advisory Council is an integral part of the development of the Service Plan. It is comprised of a representative body of the city’s agencies, institutions, and stakeholders with service as a key focus. They have participated and given direction for Volunteer Savannah.


Priority Need Areas:

Education – Targeting volunteers to help reduce the achievement gap for low-income children (through mentoring, tutoring, and other programs.

Neighborhood Development – Increasing citizen participation in neighborhood development activities, with particular attention to 17 depressed neighborhoods which are the target of city investment and services (Renaissance Neighborhoods)

Cultural and Arts Education – Strengthening citizen involvement in Savannah’s museums and heritage sites and arts programs with a particular focus on bringing high school and university students into these institutions as part of their learning and service programs

Public Health – Strengthening citizen participation and leadership achieving the objectives of the Healthy Savannah coalition, which are to increase physical exercise and access to healthy foods, especially within low-income neighborhoods.



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