Seattle, WA Service Plan

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Seattle, WA Service Plan

Since his first day in office, Mayor Ed Murray has talked about the need to create opportunities. Whether by increasing the minimum wage or expanding mandatory Pre-K education, the Mayor believes improving the lives of some can help elevate the quality of life for all. Creating opportunities has been at the heart of every initiative he has embraced and is also at the core of this service plan – service being the operative word.

In his February 2013 inaugural address, Mayor Murray shared his vision for Seattle: a city that is safe, affordable, vibrant, interconnected, and innovative. To realize this vision, Mayor Murray understands that we work better together than we do apart, and so volunteerism has become an integral part of how the city operates. Mayor Murray often refers to the value of service and what an honor it is to serve as a public official. These words and this sentiment have been a constant thread in every speech the Mayor has delivered and every initiative he has introduced. It is a running theme, in both word and in action. 

Mayor Murray understands that government cannot do everything for everyone and neither can community groups, but together the possibilities are endless. Partnerships between public and private entities elevate the good work being done by all and help make cities like Seattle better and stronger. Partnerships can be a powerful combination, and that is where the challenge comes in. When more of us get involved, we create more opportunities to generate and elevate high-quality work that supports Seattle’s advancement as a national leader in innovative service delivery


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