Sustainable Home Makeover


Sustainable Home Makeover

Efficient homes are more sustainable and affordable. The Cities of Service Sustainable Home Makeover Blueprint helps homeowners improve their home’s energy efficiency through simple renovations.



Research indicates that homes in the United States—more than 130 million in total—account for more than 20% of carbon dioxide emissions. If each home reduced its energy consumption by 40%, greenhouse gas emissions would decrease by up to 160 million metric tons annually.

Required Elements

To ensure this project’s success, the mayor’s office selects which households the initiative will target. Targeted homes might include those owned by low-income families or seniors, older dwellings, or homes damaged by natural disasters. Volunteers implement renovations recommended in the energy audit, under the guidance of knowledgeable and trained partners and using the safety and building supplies provided by sponsors.

Executing the plan

Audits should be conducted to note the homes’ age and square footage, evaluate the condition of the homes’ walls, insulation, and internal and external doors and windows. Volunteers receive an overview on the work they will be doing and perform the renovations under the guidance of a partner staff member.

Measuring Impact

Collecting data on the impact of each Sustainable Home Makeover project is critical. Required metrics include total number of audits conducted, total number of homes retrofitted, percent decrease in average electricity/gas/water used per month for each home renovated, and percent decrease in average electricity/gas/water costs per month by household.

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