Swindon, UK

Swindon, UK

Swindon has been a member of the Cities of Service coalition in the UK since 2014. With the support of the city’s Chief Executive and Leader of the Council, Swindon is working to make deep impact in the health and welfar of the city's older population through helping isolated elderly residents stay independent. In turn, this work is helping to reduce the number of residents entering social care.

Swindon is successfully engaging volunteers to help keep elderly residents independent and reduce social isolation across the town.

To learn more about Swindon's work, visit the Swindon Circles website.

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Circles of Support

Swindon Borough Council is promoting a new approach to supporting local older people with volunteers through the Circles of Support initiative. Circles of Support offers a broader range of services than previous programs, and ties together the interests and availability of the citizen volunteers with the needs and interests of the older person. This support ranges from simply befriending and spending time with the older person, to support to get out and about, to light household help, to support to improve health and wellbeing.

I am delighted that Swindon is part of the Cities of Service movement. Today we benefit from a diverse and active voluntary and community sector and see a new opportunity for more local people to feel connected and involved in their local area. I am proud to live in Swindon and have no doubt that Swindon people will want to get involved in practical opportunities that make a difference to someone in their community.
Councillor David Renard, Leader, Swindon Borough Council

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