Telford and Wrekin, UK

Telford and Wrekin, UK

Telford and Wrekin has been a member of the Cities of Service coalition in the UK since 2014. With the support of the city’s Managing Director and Ambassador, Telford and Wrekin is starting to make an impact in a number of areas, including improving resident’s health and wellbeing; revitalizing neighbourhoods; and creating a sense of community pride.

Telford and Wrekin plans to coordinate across a number of volunteer organisations and resident groups to recruit, train and support around 300 citizen volunteers.

To learn more, visit Volunteer Telford's volunteer website, or the official website, or follow Telford and Wrekin on Twitter.

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Neighborhood Revitalization

Pride in Your Community

Well-tended public spaces are essential to creating sustainable communities and can help create a better quality of life for residents. Through the Pride in Your Community initiative, Telford and Wrekin will support residents to take an active role in improving their neighbourhoods. Residents will engage in community clean ups, improve public spaces and gain access to training and tools to improve their own gardens or outside spaces.

Cities of Service will help us to provide good quality volunteering experiences within Telford and Wrekin. I am fortunate to meet many volunteers in my current role and I’m always impressed by their energy and enthusiasm.
Councillor Shaun Davies, Cities of Service Ambassador


Let's Grow

A healthy city is a strong city. In order to be healthy, residents need access to fresh food and education on healthy eating habits. Through Let’s Grow, Telford and Wrekin will encourage residents to grow and cook fruits and vegetables by providing them with hands-on training and equipment. Volunteers will run a community tool library and deliver healthy cooking courses.

I am delighted that Cities of Service will help us to showcase the work of our volunteers and to encourage more of our residents to become actively involved in their local area.
Councillor Shaun Davies, Cities of Service Ambassador

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