Education and Youth

Education and Youth

The foundation of any community is a strong education system. Mayors are uniquely positioned to understand the needs of their schools and students, partner with local education and youth-focused organizations, and enable residents to play a role in preparing students for success in school and life. Cities of Service supports mayors to form partnerships with school districts and nonprofits to engage volunteers to help students most in need.

Third Grade Reads

Third Grade Reads is a high-impact service strategy in which the mayor’s office leverages the power of volunteers to help children attain reading level proficiency by the beginning of fourth grade. Through a partnership involving the mayor’s office, a local non-profit organization, and the school district, volunteers tutor the highest need K-3 students in reading during the school day or an after school program. 

3rd grade is a crucial period for reading level proficiency.

Graduation Coaches

Graduation Coaches is a high-impact service strategy in which the mayor’s office equips adults to coach youth towards educational success, helping to fight the high school dropout crisis. Unlike traditional mentors, adult Graduation Coaches build on existing relationships with youth, engage them in conversations about their future and offer guidance to help them find the information they need. 

25% of all public high school students fail to graduate with their class.

Develop a Citywide Service Plan

The Cities of Service Playbook can guide cities of any size and makeup, i.e. whether mayor-council, council-manager. It guides city leaders in the development of a citywide service plan – an essential, living document that establishes goals and means, evolves over time with city priorities, and is key to successful implementation of impact volunteering initiatives. This Playbook provides examples and planning tools to help cities assess needs and arrive at their own unique plans. Many cities use the Playbook as a step-by-step guide while others reference specific sections and/or resources.

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