A healthy city is a strong city. In order to be healthy, residents need access to fresh food, and to be educated about healthy eating and exercise habits. Mayors and citizen volunteers play key roles in connecting residents to the resources and information necessary to lead healthy lives. From increasing the number of community gardens providing fresh fruits and vegetables in neighborhoods that lack fresh produce markets to helping people exercise to combat obesity, Cities of Service supports mayors to help their residents tackle pressing health challenges.

Let's Grow

Let’s Grow is a high-impact service strategy in which the mayor’s office engages volunteers to improve access to healthy foods in low-income neighborhoods where grocery stores and fresh produce markets are scarce. By establishing fruit and vegetable gardens in partnership with local community-based organizations and volunteers, mayors can begin to address health challenges related to hunger, food insecurity, and poor nutrition, which are often found in communities with little access to fresh fruits and vegetables. 


7,309 lbs of fresh produce harvested and distributed to families across 7 US cities.

Let's Move Let's Learn

Let’s Move, Let’s Learn is a teaching and learning service strategy in which the mayor’s office helps children learn healthy eating and exercise behaviors through health-focused service-learning activities. Let’s Move, Let’s Learn teaches youth about healthy lifestyle choices while empowering them to lead service projects with their peers, putting young people at the forefront of encouraging healthy eating habits and active lifestyles. 


1/3 of children in America are overweight or obese.

Develop a Citywide Service Plan

The Cities of Service Playbook can guide cities of any size and makeup, i.e. whether mayor-council, council-manager. It guides city leaders in the development of a citywide service plan – an essential, living document that establishes goals and means, evolves over time with city priorities, and is key to successful implementation of impact volunteering initiatives. This Playbook provides examples and planning tools to help cities assess needs and arrive at their own unique plans. Many cities use the Playbook as a step-by-step guide while others reference specific sections and/or resources.

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