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Over the past several years, Cities of Service has created and implemented several programs that embed AmeriCorps VISTA members in more than 20 city halls. Our partnership with AmeriCorps VISTA places an emphasis on building capacity and creating sustainable solutions for low-income communities.

Cities of Service awards grants and technical assistance, and places AmeriCorps VISTA members in city halls to support our Love Your Block, Resilience AmeriCorps, and Prepared Together programs in cities around the country. These young men and women help city staff develop programs, manage projects, raise awareness, and build the cities’ capacity to work with citizens to solve problems.

The program also prepares the AmeriCorps VISTA members, many of whom are recent college graduates, for future employment. More than 25 percent of Cities of Service AmeriCorps VISTA members have been hired to work in city hall after completing their terms of service, and many others now work at nonprofits and other government agencies, using the skills they gained and building on relationships they developed during their service year as they continue to serve communities in need.