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By adopting a “Regulation on public collaboration between citizens and the City for the care and regeneration of urban commons” in 2014, Bologna started a process that led to more than 400 collaboration pacts that allow citizens, informal groups of people, and private organizations to revitalize shared urban spaces, such as abandoned buildings and and green areas with the support of the municipal administration.

The Civic Imagination Office supports six permanent District laboratories that serve as hubs of collaboration and innovation, where city staff connect with residents and co-design initiatives driven by the talents and ideas of citizens.

Mayor Virginio Merola

Virginio Merola is serving as Mayor of Bologna since 2011. He was previously President of the Savena District of Bologna for two subsequent terms and after that he served as Deputy Mayor in charge of Urban Planning and Housing from 2004 to 2009. Virginio also served as President of the Provincial Council from 2009 to 2011.

Francesca Martinese, Head of International Relations & Projects Office

Francesca Martinese coordinates the international activities of the City of Bologna. She graduated in Social and Public Communication Sciences as well as in Interpreting and Communication and she’s been working for the City of Bologna Foreign Affairs Office since 1999.