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Under the leadership of Mayor Martin J. Walsh, Boston has prioritized citizen engagement and volunteerism as key strategies for reducing blight and improving the safety, health, and vibrancy of the city. Boston is one of six cities taking part in the Love Your Block program. Through this program, the city is engaging with citizens to unify neighborhood improvement efforts with initiatives like year-round neighborhood cleanups, the creation of green-spaces, improvements to parks and streets, and public art displays.

Boston has been a member of the Cities of Service coalition since 2010. Current Mayor Martin J. Walsh reaffirmed the city’s commitment by signing the Declaration of Service in 2014.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh

Mayor Martin J. Walsh uses Love Your Block to cultivate citizen engagement among some of the city’s most under-represented neighborhoods and to instill a sense of community pride through block-based projects.

Chief of Civic Engagement Jerome Smith

Jerome Smith currently serves as Mayor Martin J. Walsh's cabinet chief of civic engagement and director of the mayor’s office of neighborhood services. In this role, he advises the mayor on efforts to preserve and enhance the quality of services delivered to citizens.

Senior Adviser Kaira Fox

Kaira Fox is the senior adviser to the chief of civic engagement and program director for the implementation of the Love Your Block program in Boston.