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With the Cities of Service Love Your Block Blueprint as a resource, the City of Buffalo has revitalized communities through Clean Sweeps, which helps improve city services. The city has worked to eliminate blight, reduce crime, and provide social services with the help of AmeriCorps members, citizen volunteers, and community-based organizations. Revitalization efforts include: boarding up abandoned structures, removing graffiti and debris, trimming trees and grass, repairing signs, filling potholes, and much more. To learn more about Clean Sweeps, check out this article published in Route Fifty about the initiative.

Buffalo has been a member of the Cities of Service coalition since 2011, when Mayor Byron W. Brown signed the Declaration of Service.

Mayor Byron W. Brown

Since taking office, Mayor Brown has championed the renaissance that is taking place throughout Buffalo and has spearheaded and sponsored a number of neighborhood revitalization projects.

Chief Service Officer Oswaldo Mestre, Jr.

Oswaldo works to address the needs of Buffalo’s residents ranging from neighborhood revitalization projects to quality of life programs. He helps the City of Buffalo engage thousands of citizens and instills a sense of responsibility in local youth.