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Grantee City

With one-third of all the property in the City of Flint considered abandoned or blighted, citizens and local government are working together to revitalize the city. In June 2017, Mayor Weaver launched the Mayor’s Beautification Initiative, which empowers citizens to take ownership of their personal property as well as contribute to citywide cleanups. In addition, the Initiative encourages community members to adopt sections of Saginaw Street and Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue to keep these majors corridors well maintained as people enter and leave the city.

Flint has been a member of the Cities of Service coalition since 2009.

Mayor Dr. Karen Weaver

A Flint native, Mayor Weaver is engaging citizen volunteers to help with challenges such as blight and emergency preparedness.

Chief Service Officer Jennifer McArdle

McArdle oversees programs serving the greater Flint community and helps coordinate countywide citizen engagement opportunities. She previously directed a statewide AmeriCorps VISTA Program at the Michigan Nonprofit Association and is a two-time VISTA alum.