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Grantee City

During storms and other extreme weather events, the City of Hoboken routinely experiences flooding and sewage backups. This is in part due to the city's large number of roads, parking lots, housing developments, and buildings, all of which have impervious surface areas that do not absorb rain. Hoboken is one of seven cities taking part in the Prepared Together program. Through this program, the city is engaging with its citizens to plant trees and rain gardens, all with the goal of increasing the number of permeable surfaces that can absorb water. In addition, residents of the Hoboken Housing Authority and students at Hoboken High/Middle School will be trained in green infrastructure installation and maintenance.

Hoboken has been a member of the Cities of Service coalition since 2017, when Mayor Dawn Zimmer signed the Declaration of Service.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer

Dawn Zimmer became the first female mayor of Hoboken in 2009. She originally became involved in civic life as an advocate for park space, and went on to serve as a councilwoman. As mayor, she is dedicated to the development of a comprehensive resilience and readiness plan for the city.