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Grantee City

With over 200 vacant structures throughout the City of Lansing, blight and a lack of public gathering spaces are shared public challenges. Building upon its rich tradition of neighborhood leadership, Lansing truly believes in the idea that challenges like these are best addressed in partnership with citizens. Lansing is one of six cities taking part in the Love Your Block program. Through this program, the city is engaging with citizens to revitalize vacant lots and create positive public spaces. These efforts are making Lansing's communities more vibrant places in which to live.

Lansing has been a member of the Cities of Service coalition since 2015, when Mayor Virg Bernero signed the Declaration of Service.

Mayor Virg Bernero

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero is the chief executive of Michigan's fifth largest city. Now in his eleventh year as mayor, Mayor Bernero tackles the challenges of today's economy with a fierce determination to bring common sense reforms to government and to create a favorable business climate for new, job-creating investments.

Neighborhood Resource Coordinator Andi Crawford

Andi Crawford recently returned to her hometown of Lansing, MI, and serves as the neighborhood resource coordinator for the city. In this role, she leads the Neighborhood Resource Team, supports the mayor in growing and enhancing strategic citizen volunteer initiatives, and delivers services to neighborhood leaders.