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Grantee City

Like other cities on the East Coast, Newark has often been impacted by extreme weather events. A large part of the city is covered in impervious surfaces, such as roads and housing developments, which make it particularly susceptible to flooding. In addition, lack of trees and green space has lead to an urban heat island effect, which means that it is warmer than the surrounding area. Newark is one of seven cities taking part in the Prepared Together program. Through this program, the city is bolstering disaster preparedness by engaging citizen volunteers to maintain existing green infrastructure as well as plant trees, install rain barrels, and develop cool roofs, all of which will help it become better prepared to face disasters.

Newark has been a member of the Cities of Service coalition since 2017, when Mayor Ras Baraka signed the Declaration of Service.

Mayor Ras Baraka

Mayor Ras Baraka has lived and worked in Newark for more than four decades. As mayor, his highest priority is public safety and he works to improve the quality of life of all Newarkers.

Chief Service Officer Nathaly Agosto Filión

As Chief Service Officer, Agosto Filión serves as the leading sustainability strategist and helps to make Newark a healthier and greener city. Prior to joining the City of Newark, Filión focused on connecting communities to resilience resources, as well as climate and sustainability training opportunities.