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Grantee City

A popular southwest destination because of its warm climate, temperatures in Phoenix can reach over 110 degrees for more than three months of the year. Phoenix participates in three Cities of Service programs: the Chief Service Officer Leadership Initiative, Love Your Block, and Resilience AmeriCorps. Through these programs, the city is engaging citizen volunteers to revitalize neighborhoods and build resilience in low-income communities.

Since 2012 Phoenix has also used the Let’s Grow Blueprint to create and maintain community gardens at three low-income housing centers. In one of these gardens, citizen volunteers—including residents of the housing center—harvested 1,450 pounds of fresh produce, which was then provided to 210 individuals and families living in the center. Volunteers also lead educational gardening and cooking and nutrition classes for the residents.

In addition, Phoenix launched its Cool Roofs initiative in 2013. Using the Cool Roofs Blueprint as a guide, the city coated rooftops white to reflect the sun’s heat, helping the buildings maintain their internal temperature and thereby reducing energy use. Since the launch of the initiative, Phoenix has coated 71,000 square feet of city-owned rooftops across more than 20 city buildings, lowered reliance on air conditioning, and reduced building carbon emissions by an average of nearly 28 metric tons per year. As a result of this success, all newly designed and renovated city buildings must include cool roof coatings.

Phoenix has been a member of the Cities of Service coalition since 2009, and former Mayor Phil Gordon signed the Declaration of Service in 2010. Mayor Greg Stanton reaffirmed the city's commitment to service by signing the Declaration again in 2012.

Mayor Thelda Williams

Mayor Thelda Williams has served on the Phoenix City Council since 2008, and previously from 1989 to 1996. Phoenix is committed to embracing all residents, fostering civic participation and working together to strengthen the community. As mayor, Williams is dedicated to public safety, transit, and infrastructure.

Chief Service Officer Michael Hammett

Chief Service Officer Michael Hammett coordinates and evaluates the implementation of a citywide service plan that engages citizen volunteers to address priority issues for the city's administration. Hammett aims to continue to engage thousands of citizen volunteers to create more sustainable and connected neighborhoods.