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Grantee City

Like many other cities in the Bay Area, San José is working to strengthen its resilience to droughts, flooding, and other extreme weather events. As one of seven cities taking part in the Prepared Together program, San José's city leadership is engaging citizens to bolster disaster preparedness and increase green infrastructure throughout the city. To help alleviate the impact of flooding, citizen volunteers are planting and caring for trees and rain gardens, cleaning up waterways, and restoring river banks.

The city also successfully participated in the Bay Area Impact Volunteering program, which engaged citizen volunteers to clean up and restore the local Guadalupe River. A cleaner river increases the city’s ability to prevent and respond to flooding events.

San José has been a member of the Cities of Service coalition since 2009, when former Mayor Chuck Reed signed the Declaration of Service. Current Mayor Sam Liccardo reaffirmed the city's commitment to service by signing the Declaration again in 2015.

Mayor Sam Liccardo

Mayor Sam Liccardo took office in 2015. He and his administration have focused on encouraging San José residents to remain informed and engaged. With the 2017 launch of #BeautifySJ and its related engagement platform online, Mayor Liccardo is inspiring citizens to reclaim their public spaces and empowering the community to take actions that aesthetically demonstrate pride in their city.

Senior Policy Advisor, Director of Strategic Partnerships, LGBT Liaison Khanh Russo

In his role, Khanh Russo develops a shared agenda and tangible strategies with partners that leverage innovation, community resources, and investments for creative public problem solving. Prior to joining the Mayor's office, he worked at Cisco where he guided the global strategy and implementation of internet- and technology-based solutions that address critical human needs.